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  • How would you utilize the $10,000 dollar grant
    1) to improve your barbershop and
    2) impact the community through engaging activities? Please provide a detailed budget.
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    a. Provide a 30 second video on why your barbershop should be selected as a Men of Courage Barbershop
    b. Provide a brief video tour showing the outside and inside of your barbershop
    c. Provide a copy of your Barbershop License
    d. Provide a copy of insurance certificate
    e. Provide a detailed budget for how the $10,000 grant will be utilized
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  • $5,000 Runner-Up Community Grant:
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    a. If selected as the runner-up of the MOC Barbershop competition, which community non-profit would you donate $5,000 to? Provide name, address, email and telephone number.
  • b. What type of impact does this non-profit have in the community?
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