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2019 HBC-You Mobility Challenge Winner & Finalists

Roland Martin has a special message for Langston University!

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Langston University - Biking Across LU

Langston University has designed the “Biking Across LU” program (BALU) to increase the mobility and fitness of students, faculty, staff and others at the Oklahoma-based school.

The program’s missive is to increase opportunities for all on campus to engage in physical activity via bike riding or walking.  Elements of the BALU program include: a bike exchange program; evening hour(s) biking/walking fitness initiatives; weekend bike ride events to/around local waterfronts; bicycle races prior to already established bi-annual fun runs; and Summer biking programs focused on cycling safety and maintenance.

Texas Southern University – The Tiger Heart Tram at Texas Southern University

The Tiger Heart Tram project at Houston-based Texas Southern University aims to provide dedicated, sustainable shuttle service for disabled students, faculty and staff to all TSU facilities and public transportation locations.  Each semester, the school welcomes approximately 400 students in need of specialized campus transportation.

Features of the project include: free use (no charge); special-needs trained shuttle operators to assist riders; 10-hour-per-day, five-days-per-week operation with available on-call evening and weekend service; ADA-compliant, zero-emission transportation via an Eco Shuttle; and “call for service” capability via the University’s LiveSafe app.

Prairie View A&M University – Productive Mobility

Seeking to curb commuter-driven gasoline consumption, Prairie View A&M University in Texas has devised an application platform for integrated on/off campus transportation solutions.

The initiative is designed to deliver three primary features:  carpooling services for students and staff geared toward reducing the overall number of commuter vehicles to the school and, in turn, relating carbon footprints; an “Uber-like” program for students and community members providing transportation service within a 25-mile radius of the University; and placement of bicycle rakes at every campus facility to increase on-campus, class-to-class self-propelled transportation.