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Ford recognizes the legacy of success and the tremendous role that HBCUs serve in educating our future generation. Today, HBCUs are educating our future engineers, doctors, teachers and community leaders. Ford is committed to supporting and being a part of this effort. Ford Fund's approach to supporting HBCUs is three-pronged and focuses on SUCCESS, SCHOLARSHIP, and SUSTAINABILITY.

We Call it HBC-You!

Ford wants all students to succeed in their academic efforts. Empowering students and providing resources and tools for success is a key area of focus in the Ford Fund's HBCU strategy.

Launched in 2018 with a pilot at Spelman College, Ford1stGen is an exciting and innovative program that drives success and opportunity for its participants. For more information click on the Ford 1st Gen link.


Ford has invested millions of dollars in scholarships that have supported students attending HBCUs. Whether it is a tuition scholarship, or a "gap" scholarship to help a student pay that last bit of college expenses, Ford has been there to support our youth.


Supporting HBCUs and their surrounding communities is key to the sustainability and success of these vital institutions. Most recently, Ford conducted the Mobility Challenge that challenged and rewarded students and their communities for innovative and sustainable programs that solved a vital need.